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Yellowstone National Park - Image 1 | Neck GaiterTubular Bandana

Yellowstone National Park - Image 1 | Neck GaiterTubular Bandana

SKU: yellowstone-national-park-tubular-bandana-spandex

Our Yellowstone National Park Scenic X Guard Tubular Bandana features one of the many colorful hot springs and geysers the park has to offer. Witness the drama of the natural world unfold as the volcano’s hidden power rises up in many forms. Yellowstone is the world's first national park.

Protect yourself from all the elements mother nature may throw at you with our multifaceted X-Guard Tubular Bandana. X-Guards are a tubular bandana, facesmask, headband, neck gaiter and balaclava. It is made of our super soft, breathable, X-Fiber Micro Fiber Cloth. Wear your X-Guard Tubular Bandana 12 different ways as a facemask, headband, neck gaiter, headwrap, scarf or balaclava. Used by hikers, fishermen, hunters, mountain bikers, rafters, mountain climbers, skiers, backpackers and anyone who ventures into the great outdoors.

Our face bands come in 2 material types: Spandex and Poly/Nylon.  Spandex is thicker and snugger. Poly/Nylon blend is lightweight and more breathable and has the same UV 30 protection rating.