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Arches National Park Map Face Cover

Arches National Park Map Face Cover

SKU: arches-national-park-tubular-bandana

Our Arches National Park Map X-Guard Tubular Bandana features a map of Arches NP. Protect yourself from all the elements mother nature may throw at you with our multifaceted X-Guard Tubular Bandana. X-Guards are a tubular bandana, facesmask, headband, neck gaiter and balaclava. It is made of our super soft, breathable, X-Fiber Micro Fiber Cloth. Wear your X-Guard Tubular Bandana 12 different ways as a facemask, headband, neck gaiter, headwrap, scarf or balaclava. Used by hikers, fishermen, hunters, mountain bikers, rafters, mountain climbers, skiers, backpackers and anyone who ventures into the great outdoors.

21" x 20"

SPF 30 rating

Machine Washable

Pets Love Them Too!